2017 – Being Your Best Self

As the Christmas lights and fireworks fade, we begin to reflect on the year that has just past and what lies ahead for another new year [2017].  Like billions of others around the globe, we think endlessly about what our new years resolutions will be and how to stick with them; I  too have thought about what my 2017 resolutions will be – get fit, learn new hobbies, travel often, etc. However, with the abundance of options to choose from and with the sheer notion that I will most likely not stick to the resolutions, I have decided to be my best self in 2017 by making a lifestyle change [by forming new healthy habits] rather than making resolutions.

Here are the two top lifestyle changes that I will be making in 2017 with the hopes that this will provide you with some inspiration for you to also become your best self!

Clean Eating [Home Cooked Meals]

IMG_0126 (1).jpg

As life becomes busy, we tend to eat out more and eat in less as it is seemingly quick and convenient. Like many of you, I too enjoy wining and dining at my favorite restaurants downtown Toronto [Yorkville in particular] while spending time with loved ones. However, if we eat out too often and we consume foods that are high in fat and calories, this can evidently become detrimental to our health – eating home cooked meals is a perfect way to kick-start your journey to leading a healthier life.

Whether we turn to mobile apps, the library or a book store [Chapters is my ultimate favorite], there are endless delicious and healthy recipes to choose from which are packed with nutritious ingredients [lean proteins, fresh vegetables and whole grains]. Some of my favorite cookbooks to choose from are: Oh She Glows, Made with Love and The Wellness Mama. I hope you love these cookbooks and recipes as much as I do – there is truly a recipe which is enjoyable for everyone!

Create a Sustainable Workout Routine

Prior to the start of each week, I take the time to plan out my week which ultimately consists of various networking events for business and social events with friends. Like many of you, although our weeks can often appear to be very busy and we want to nothing more than Netflix and Chill, it is important to take the time to exercise on a daily basis. This is done by creating a sustainable workout routine which is both realistic and enjoyable – exercise not only helps shrink our waste lines, it is also amazing for our mental health as it aids in stress relief, helps us sleep better and boosts are our overall mood.

You may be asking yourself “how can I find time to exercise when my days are busy!?” I know this all too well and to be very honest, what motivates me to ensure that I do not miss a workout, is by involving myself in various group workouts which have a strong community and support base – this keeps me on track and enjoying every moment of working out! Aside from attending my all-time favourite classes at  SpinCo and CrossFit, there are days where a 30 minute workout is all that I can fit in to my schedule. On days where I have many events/engagements to attend, I turn to my iPhone which has three of my top workout apps. Each workout can be completed in the comfort of your own home, at the park or at the gym with minimal equipment – to top it off, each high sweat workout can be completed within 30 minutes [I know, amazing]!

Sweat with Kayla [iTunes + Website]

Like me, many of you may [or many not] know Kayla Itsines from her world famous Instagram account! Kayla is a personal trainer who has one of the largest female fitness communities around the globe – she is known for her amazing Bikini Body Guide [BBG] which has inspired many to begin their journey of being comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Tone It Up [iTunes + Website]

Like Kayla Itsines, both Karena and Katrina [the founders of Tone It Up] are also famous for their Instagram account. When I first came across their Instagram account many years ago, I loved everything about these ladies and the community they have created; I loved nothing more than feeling like I was working out at the beach in California [although I wish I was really there]. The Tone It Up app is designed to keep yourself accountable and to provide you with extra motivation each morning with daily motivation, workouts [they are amazing] and check-in access with the Tone It Up Community!

Nike+ Training Club [iTunes + Twitter]

I am so happy that I was introduced to the Nike+ Training Club as it truly is the ultimate personal trainer! With various video workouts [very easy-to-follow], personalized training plans and expert advice guided by the world renound Nike Master Trainers, you will find yourself feeling motivated to train/workout anytime and anywhere!

Cheers to 2017: Being creative in the kitchen, being a healthier you and being your best self!

Lots of love,

Sara Locke – XOXO

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