My Top Toronto Fitness Studios

As the cooler months fade and the flowers begin to bloom, this is a time where many begin to countdown the months/days until bikini season. This is a perfect time to re-visit your personal health and wellness goals for 2017! I am someone who loves working out at various boutique lifestyle/fitness studios to keep myself motivated and to keep my body/muscles guessing. If you are someone like me, you are going to LOVE my top three studios which are all located in mid-town Toronto [I promise, you wont be disappointed]!

SpinCo Toronto [WEBSITE]


Whether you want a challenge or you just want to have fun – SpinCo lets you focus on yourself to achieve your personal goals. Located at Yonge and Eglinton, SpinCo is one of my absolute favourite spin studios in Toronto – I promise you, the ride is like nothing you have experienced elsewhere! From the moment you enter the door until  the moment you leave, you will feel a sense of community, inspiration and positive energy from both the instructors and riders. With carefully picked playlists and movements [including low lights + a disco ball], you will be led through a 50 minute high-energy ride.

Based on the mantra one team – one bike, a sense of magic happens when you are in the room; you will find yourself not only getting stronger but you will also find a sense of inspiration from yourself and other riders – this will ignite your “bad ass” self which pushes you beyond what you thought was possible. Are you hooked yet?

Ps. The delicious and nutritious Greenhouse Juice [Website] has a location in SpinCo Toronto!

Studio Lagree [WEBSITE]


I must admit, when I walked into the Lagree fitness studio for the first time I was intimidated; the Megaaremofer is no joke! All intimidation aside, after one sweaty but amazing class, I became hooked! Developed by fitness visionary, Sebastien Lagree, Lagree is an effective intensity but low- impact exercise that has been designed to effectively combine strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core and flexibility in each move. With three studios in Canada [Forest Hill, King West and Vaughan Mills] and many studios across the globe, this 50 minute total-body workout will help you build and achieve that long lean physic you have been wanting! Better yet, the Lagree Fitness Method and the Megaaremofer has been recognized to transform Hollywood’s hottest bodies [Sofia Vergara, Michelle Obama, Lea Michelle and many Victoria’s Secret models]! If that doesn’t entice you to try out this killer workout, than I don’t know what will!

BarreWorks [WEBSITE]


Barreworks Works has expanded to two convenient locations in Toronto [Yonge and Queen]! With a variety of classes to suit all fitness levels [beginner to advanced], this is a studio I cannot get enough of! As the first Toronto studio to specialize in ballet barre-based fitness classes, each ballet-inspired class has been carefully crafted by top local dance and fitness professionals. Combining a variety fitness styles [muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning, Pilates] into one dynamic and energizing workout, you will find your body becoming leaner and stronger with each movement. Trust me, your body will thank you later!

Lots of love,

Sara Locke – XOXO

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