Travel – In-Flight Essentials

This past year I have been extremely lucky to travel to wonderful destinations for both business and pleasure [California, Jamaica, Washington and Mexico]. Although I truly love flying, what I do not love is the aircraft cabin air – who else is with me on this one!? As many of you may be travelling in the near future, I want to share with you all, my absolute favourite “lotions + potions” that are must-haves to combat that  drying + germ filled airflow.

Mario Badescu Skin Care – Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

If you have yet to try Mario Badescu’s rosewater facial spray [or any rosewater facial spray], you are in for a refreshing treat – I honestly cannot get enough of it! Whether or not you will be travelling via airplane, this facial spray can be used anytime + anywhere to get that perfect mist of hydration your face has been longing for. I mean, who does not LOVE a dewy facial glow!?

You are probably all wondering what is so special about this rosewater facial spray. In all honesty, I too did not know anything about this magical spray until I was listening to The Skinny Confidential Podcast one Morning where Lauryn Evarts talked about this particular spray and the amazing benefits of daily facial hydration. Of course, I naturally did some additional research and picked it up at Nordstrom immediately.

Retailing for roughly $10.00-$15.00 CAD [depending on bottle size], this particular rosewater facial spray is infused with aloe, a variety of herbal extracts and of course rosewater. What I adore about this product is you can literally use it from head to toe – it provides a perfect amount of hydration for your skin and hair [I know, wild]! I personally use it either on makeup free skin [prior to and after I workout] and as my makeup setting spray.

Now that I have peaked your interest, you are probably wondering where to purchase this delicious facial spray. Don’t worry, I have got your covered – here are some places where you can purchase it:

Saje Natural Wellness – Immune – Germ and Virus Fighting Remedy

I am a huge Saje fan – I use a variety of their products on a daily basis and I truly cannot live without their “potions”! If you have never heard of Saje before and like using natural healing remedies, I would highly recommend checking out their website and/or going to one of their stores [if there is one in your area] to look at the products that they offer. To provide you with some background, Saje is known for their products being highly effective and better yet, their ingredients are derived from natural sources [thanks Mother Nature!].

When I am travelling, I particularly love using “Immune“. This oil contains eucalyptus [soothing], cinnamon [warming] and tea tree [refreshing], which is great to prevent + relieve cold and flu symptoms!  To say goodbye to those in-flight germs, all you have to do is roll Immune along your neck and chest – yes, it is that easy!

Modern Nature – REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

Rejuveniqe Oil™ is one of those staple products that everyone should have as part of their every day beauty routine. This particular oil is literally a “magical multitasking elixir” – I am not exaggerating when I say that this product has over 101 different ways to use it [amazing, right!?]. Here is a few ways you can use this oil on a daily basis:

  • FACE
    – Add extra hydration by blending one to two drops into your moisturizer and/or
    liquid foundation [will lock-in makeup]
    – Reduce dark circles under eyes by massaging one drop under eye area
  • BODY
    – Add extra hydration to your body by adding a few drops onto your body after
    showering [will lock-in moisture]
    – Prevent dehydration due to chlorine or salt water, add a few drops to your
    body prior to swimming
    – Soften stretch marks and restore skin elasticity by add a few drops onto your body
    in the AM + PM
  • SUN
    – Keep skin hydrated by adding a few drops to your sunscreen
    – Alleviate sun burns + repair skin by adding a few drops to the affected area(s)

In addition to the variety of ways to use this product [noted above], what makes this oil so unique? Mirroring the body’s natural oils, Rejuveniqe Oil™ has been carefully formulated with a blend of 11+ unique botanical ingredients [i.e., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids], creating the ultimate moisturizer for your hair and skin – I know, amazing!

When I am in-flight, I often find that my hair and lips also become quite dry [odd, I know but its the truth]. To alleviate this, I love using Rejuveniqe Oil™ throughout my hair and on my lips. For use, all you need to do is put a drop of oil onto your hair [mid-head to ends] and onto your lips – let it do its magic of adding hydration and voila!

Cheers to travelling the world and creating new memories, while combating aircraft cabin air one “lotion + potion” at a time!

Lots of love,

Sara Locke – XOXO