F45 Training – What’s All the Hype?

For those of you who personally know me and/or follow me on Instagram, know that I cannot get enough of a fitness studio called F45. I can proudly say that my life has completely changed since stepping into an F45 [Bayview Village] for the first time at 6AM on July 18, 2018! With each workout, I am pushed beyond my limits and I have met some amazing/inspiring people along the way – it is safe to say, I am regaining my self-confidence back [slowly but surely] and I couldn’t be happier!

If you are wondering what the hype is all about, or if you have never heard of F45 before, this blog post is definitely for you!

f45 training 2


F45 stands for functional fitness in 45-minutes. It was founded in Australia [2012] with one idea in mind – to offer a 45 minute high-intensity circuit training workout. Trust me when I say, you will never walk out of  an F45 studio without sweating and your endorphins being at an all-time high!

What makes F45 stand out amongst all other fitness studios is truly the sense of community, positive energy and motivation you feel from the moment you enter the studio until the moment you leave – the trainers never fail to give you a high-five and the members are always cheering you on. F45 is without-a-doubt, Team Training – Life Changing.


What I absolutely love about F45 is that every day is a different workout; a workout is never repeated as each class is carefully designed from a database of over 3,000 different exercises. Utilizing revolutionary in-studio technology, the F45 Athletics Department [at their HQ in sunny California] is continuously developing – meaning the members are constantly being challenged and you will never know what workout is coming your way [I find this exciting]! The 45-minute workout experience is fused with various components of HIIT, circuit training and functional training. This blend of cardio, strength and interval training has proven time and time again to burn an immense amount of fat and build lean muscle – it really can’t get any better than that! Here are some examples of the types of workouts you can expect:

f45 workout 1f45 workout 2

SIDE NOTE: Although every class is 45-minutes in length, Saturdays offer a 1-hour high-intensity hybrid [cardio + strength] workout called “Hollywood”. If you are looking to try F45 for the first time, I would highly recommend Hollywood to be your first class – you will love the workout experience. Not only will you get your sweat on, there is a live DJ that will keep you energized/motivated throughout the workout and you will get to truly feel that sense of community I was talking about earlier [Saturday classes are usually quite busy]!


Now that I have may have peaked your interest, you are probably wondering where you can find an F45 studio. The great news is that F45 has quickly become a  global workout sensation so there are a variety of locations to choose from!

If you are living in Ontario, Canada [more specifically Toronto and South Central Ontario], there are some fantastic studios that I would highly recommend you visit:

  • Uptown Toronto: F45 Bayview Village + F45 Don Mills
  • Downtown Toronto: F45 Downtown Toronto
  • East Toronto: F45 The Beach
  • West Toronto: Trinity Bellwoods
  • Burlington: F45 Burlington
  • York Region: F45 Vaughan Metropolitan + F45 Aurora

If you live elsewhere, you can search a preferred studio location via their website: https://f45training.com/find-a-studio/. If you can’t find a studio near your preferred location, I can promise you, an F45 studio will most likely pop up in the near future – they are building studios left, right and center!

SIDE NOTE: Most studios will offer a FREE trial for one week. This deal is what got me to try out F45 – trust me when I say, you will become hooked and never look back!


I really want to highlight [and thank] three of my best girlfriends who were my soul source of inspiration for joining such a fierce F45 community. I truly have never met three woman who have been more dedicated to cultivating a healthy lifestyle by consistently showing up to workout [5-6 days a week]; even with their busy personal schedules and/or desire to chill-out after a long day at work. Since joining F45 [shout-out to F45 Aurora], their lives have positively changed in different ways – here is what each of them have to say about what they love most about F45:


“I love the challenge. Every class is different and I never leave feeling like it was easy. My body in the last 7-months hs completely transformed – I used to hate working out, now I am in love with it!”


“I love the people and the community. The trainers and members have become a second family. I look forward to seeing everyone, which is especially helpful on days I’m lacking motivation. Everyone is so encouraging too; I’ve pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. I’m not only learning how to train properly, but I’m pushing my limits. F45 wasn’t lying when they said it was life changing.”


“I’ve never stepped foot into a gym before – probably in fear of not knowing what to do, nor how to do any type of exercise.

I was definitely intimidated when I first entered into an F45 studio, but now I just cannot get enough! The energy from the trainers and other studio members has been a great motivator for the post 7-months. Every day and every workout is something new and as much as I dread the workout going into it, I always leave wanting more. I am proud of myself for pushing my body past the limits I never though was possible. I’m forever grateful for F45 – it has changed my life for the better.”

f45 training 3

Cheers to finding a fitness community that both inspires you + pushes you beyond your limits.

Lots of love,

Sara Locke – XOXO